Anti-Trafficking Efforts

May 2018
Incredibly excited to share the development of: The First Ever Trauma Informed Human Trafficking Certificate 
Program: Module 1 is a General In depth review of what human trafficking is and is not; Module 2 is an Advanced Clinical 
curriculum for mental health practitioners, PhD's, LCSW's, LMHC, PsyD's and/or anyone in the field working with the population
with a Master's degree in a related field. May 2018
Interviewing Shandra Woworuntu(2017)
Shandra Woworuntu, Survivor advocate, leader and speaker, 
Sandy Skelaney, Anti-trafficking advocate, leader, & speaker 
@ Trauma conference 2017

Moderating The Love, Peace & Partners panel at 1HTC
SE Human Trafficking Consortium Summit(2017).

Focus on South Florida television interview with Elliot Rodriguez
discussing domestic sex trafficking(DST) and commercial sexual 
exploitation's(CSE)relationship to pornography and social media, 
as well as promoting my event at Barry University(2016)

Human Trafficking Awareness Concert 2016 @ Barry University

Panel Experts discussing the film Tricked (2014) @ Barry U
Remembering the ones we've lost as a result of DMST &
CSEC( Barry U students, 2015)

Honoring Rachel Lloyd, Founder and CEO of GEMS,
at our first Promoting Human Rights conference
@ Barry University( 2015)

Equipping students with tools to assess & engage
Human Trafficking Summit, Orlando(2016)

An awareness event featuring: Nefarious( 2013) an anti-
trafficking documentary with panel of experts

Mobilizing students to make a difference( 2012) Ultra Music